Made By Mars Body Loving Balm

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Made By Mars Vegan Body Loving Balm.

Your all over feel good balm!

A little bit of love for when your body needs it most.
Peppermint is such a versatile & magical herb and that's why this balm is full of it!!!

Rub your body lovin' balm where it’s needed and let the oils soak in and work their magic (add heat to increase effects).

SIZE: 55g/NET 1.94 oz

DISCLAIMER: Health begins from the inside, for any reoccurring headaches, stomach aches, irritations, etc, please consult your health professional. This balm is a gentle & natural addition to your health routine.

CAUTION: All products are made in a kitchen used for everyday cooking. Separate utensils are used for products and all surfaces are cleaned, but there may be traces of dairy, nuts, gluten, fruit, veg, etc

photo : Made By Mars